Philippart and Anja


It’s Fun to be Fooled
Philippart and Anja, the hyperkinetic theatrical duo performs magic and comedy spiked with surprises. Their own original illusions, combined with their zany take on the classics, make their show a unique experience.
Philippart and Anja’s award winning antics have been highly praised by audiences, press, famous celebrities, royalties and dignitaries from around the world.
Visit their world, and be prepared to be amazed, bewitched and taken for the ride of a lifetime.



 Philippart the S.M.A.C.E

SMACE stands for Singer, Magician, Actor, Comedian, Entertainer.
Philippart will steal your heart with his wit, carry you away with his songs and astonish you with his magic.
In short, the SMACE show is an all-round one man show, offering a variety of possibilities. The show can be booked as is, or assembled from components you choose. Varying from a twenty minute act to a to a full show up to one hour, the SMACE is THE choice of entertainment if you want to book a show full of magic, comedy and rock ’n roll that packs flat and plays big!


Philippart goes mental

Philippart and the power of Mentalism.

Philippart The Mentalist has developed acts that have amazed audiences in close-up settings, stage settings and on National Television. The power of the mind is the central focus of this intriguing show.
Philippart goes Mental can be booked for table magic, or as a stage act. Very suitable for seminars, functions or large dinner functions.


Our costume division produces exclusive, high quality costumes for stage, street parades, private functions or events. We have a wide range of fantasy and theme costumes for rent in stock.
Exhibitions include Algarve Fair 2009 and 2010 and the Twentieth Anniversary Edition of the Monte Carlo Magic Stars 2005
We facilitate design and fabrication for your special requests.

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